The Team


Venetian Cluster provides a decennial experience matured thanks to more than 90 regional, national and international projects, as well as a developed network of more than 2000 Italian and International partners.

Where we work: USA, Canada, China, Argentina, Australia, Russia, Cyprus, Turkey, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia–Erzegovina, Albania, Germany, UK, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Sweden, Latvia, Tunisia.

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Respect for people, environment, knowledge
and different forms of professionalism

Alessandro Fracasso


Alessandro is a manager and entrepreneur with experiences in Italy and abroad, engaged in the energy, construction and infrastructure sectors. Alessandro is nowadays also Chairman of the Board of Venetian Cluster, a unique experience in the panorama of Italian districts, as it is the only productive meta-cluster in the sector of Cultural Heritage.

Sergio Calò

Cluster Director

Sergio is a specialized restorer with a twenty-year experience in restoration and conservation of works of art, including UNESCO heritage, in Italy and abroad. At the same time he has been carrying out consulting activities for the valorisation of cultural and environmental heritage, as well as teachings about restoration of frescoes and polychromes on canvas and board in numerous and authoritative Institutes and Specialization Schools.

For 9 years Sergio was technical manager of the Metadistretto Veneto dei Beni Culturali e Ambientali (Venetian Cluster of Cultural and Environmental Heritage) where he conceived, wrote and coordinated regional, national and international projects involving public and private partnerships, in the fields of research and innovation for the economic and operative development of artistic and landscape heritage, by carrying out activities in the sectors of valorisation, economic sustainability, restoration, conservation, energy efficiency, cultural tourism, nanotechnologies, biotechnologies, applied ICTs as well as internationalization of Italian enterprises and technologies.

Sergio is nowadays the Cluster Director of the Venetian Cluster, of which he is member.

Maurizio Malè

Cluster Project Manager

Maurizio, after graduation in Forestry and Environmental Sciences, matured a strong experience in environmental resources management and planning (in particular Environmental Impact Assessment) and after that he specialized in planning, management and reporting of international cooperation projects, not only in the environmental field, but also in the cultural, social and productive sectors.

He planned and managed projects in the main EU financing Programmes (INTERREG, CENTRAL EUROPE, LIFE, INTELLIGENT ENERGY EUROPE, HORIZON 2020, SME Instrument, ERASMUS+, IPA Adriatic, etc.). Thanks to the development of those projects he built during the years a wide and varied network of partners and contacts in diverse sectors and countries, besides a particular sensitivity and experience in the management of complex projects and partnerships at international level.

Maurizio is also a journalist and a naturalistic-environmental guide.

Nowadays Maurizio is Cluster Project Manager of the Venetian Cluster, of which he is member.

Andrea Camporese

Member of the Board of Directors

Andrea has participated in both the management and founding of a number innovative organizations in the Northern Italy: EcamRicert, an environmental and materials’ analysis lab; Salix, a nutritional supplements manufacturer; the paediatric cancer research foundation Città della Speranza and the Venetian Cluster. Andrea has coordinated many Regional and EU research projects and is an expert on environmental legislation.


Cluster Members

The Members of the Cluster are public and private bodies, professionals, organizations, associations, research institutes.

The Cluster Members altogether constitute the Innovative Network called Venetian Innovation Cluster for Cultural and Environmental Heritage.