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Valuing Afforestation of damaged woods with Innovative Agroforestry

The VAIA project, funded by the European LIFE Program, aims to develop and enhance sustainable products and services, in forest areas destroyed by extreme events (such as the VAIA storm that hit the North East of Italy in 2018), increasing the ecological, economic and social resilience of forest ecosystems to address climate change.


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Boosting the tourism sector in Europe through digital tools and innovation

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The DIGITOUR project, funded by the European COSME program, provides 1.333.178 EURO for tourism SMEs that have to adapt to today’s challenges, find new solutions for an efficient and sustainable management and to develop new products and services in a sustainable way, strengthening the marketing and promotion of their offer towards the market needs.

Venetian Cluster in the EUROPE DIRECT network “Montagna Veneta” informs citizens about European Union activities

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Respect for the territory and all social and economic values it expresses.
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Venetian Cluster aims to develop and promote innovation, technological transfer and research projects through multidisciplinary clustering of both public and private partners.

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Join the Cluster means to enter the widest network of operative public-private partnership, diffused at regional, national and international level and specifically dedicated to the valorisation of Cultural and Environmental Heritage

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