the Cluster

Our Mission

Venetian Cluster coordinates and supports multidisciplinary public-private partnerships (PPP), enterprises, professionals, associations, public and private bodies, research institutes and all subjects interested in carrying out and promoting innovation projects, technological transfer and actions for the development of the Italian and international productive supply chain for the conservation, the restoration and the valorisation of the Cultural and Environmental Heritage in Italy and abroad

Our Vision

Venetian Cluster believes that Cultural and Environmental Heritage has an economic value that is fundamental for the development of our Country. That heritage must be preserved, valorised, promoted and developed. Beauty is an essential and inescapable asset for physical, psychological and spiritual well-being of human beings and a basic characteristic of our society. In order to maintain it we must develop a strong economy, able to innovate the knowledge about management of cultural heritage, landscape and environmental resources.

Quality and professionalism in our activities
Our Approach

Venetian Cluster is the new legal entity representing the network contract “Cluster Management Network”. The Cluster Management Network was specifically born to manage and promote the Venetian Innovation Cluster for Cultural and Environmental Heritage, the first constituting Regional Innovation Network in the innovation and production sectors of Cultural and Environmental Heritage with the scope to develop and promote innovation, technological transfer and research projects through multidisciplinary clustering of both public and private partners, by supporting the exchange of know-how between scientific world and enterprises.

  • 1

    know the needs

  • 2

    identify the tools

  • 3

    developing the partnership

  • 4

    process the project

  • 5

    find the resources to realize it

The main objectives of the Venetian Innovation Cluster for Cultural and Environmental Heritage are:

  • to stimulate the territorial development of the entire public-private supply chain of Cultural and Environmental Heritage
  • to identify and coordinate projects, either at regional, national or international level
  • to support enterprises and professionals, by valorising excellences and stimulating competitiveness
  • to foster coordination and synergy among different realities of this sector
  • to promote and nurture innovation, research and technological transfer projects