Why join the Cluster

Join the Cluster means to enter the widest network of operative public-private partnership, diffused at regional, national and international level and specifically dedicated to the valorisation of Cultural and Environmental Heritage, therefore:
to be linked to international specialized networks (in Europe, Asia, Middle East, South and North America) in this sector

to receive opportunities of economical, organizational and technological development

to benefit from proposed activities and projects

to get dedicated services for the search of adequate funding

to receive specialized and professional assistance and coaching to achieve your objectives and carry out your projects

to get a specialized support for international tenders

to develop internationalization projects

to access specific information

to promote the competences of the enterprise/organization

to promote one's products/services inside the cluster network

Caring for and listening to exigencies
expressed by different subjects
Here below are some areas of interest of the Cluster:

  • Museum planning, exhibition and technology;
  • Analysis and diagnosis laboratories;
  • Production of materials;
  • ICT;
  • Architectural surveys;
  • Integrated planning;
  • Restoration of movable and immovable property;
  • Archaeological excavations;
  • Support and coaching services to enterprises;
  • Structural analysis and planning;
  • Plant engineering;

  • Energy efficiency;
  • Transportation of works of art;
  • Communication and publishing;
  • Events promotion;
  • Valorisation and dedicated tourism;
  • Nano- and bio- applied technologies;
  • Laser applied technologies;
  • Valorisation of natural and environmental resources;
  • Environmental resources management and planning;
  • Environmental analyses, monitoring, surveys and studies.

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