Venetian Cluster is pleased to present you a new reality,






It’s the first European laboratory of nano-technology and innovation dedicated to the restoration and preservation of monumental works, ancient and contemporary art.


Twenty years of experience laboratories have combined know-how, specific skills and technologies to create RESEARCH and offer the highest level results for the Cultural Heritage sector, with the following services:


  • ANALYSIS – Over 130 certificated analysis, of which 30 are innovative of the highest quality for the Cultural Heritage sector. We work with state-of-the-art tools for scientific and nanotechnological analysis. All analyzes are certified according to European standards (UNI / CEN). Thanks to these technologies, we are able to know and deepen all the compositional, conservative and material compatibility aspects by obtaining new, detailed and accurate information. RESEARCH covers all the areas of traditional diagnostics and of the new nano-diagnostics such as: static and structural, chemical, physical, biological, material, environmental etc.


  • DEVELOPMENT – Support for the development of innovative products and solutions: we assist the public bodies, the companies and the professionals to improve or realize new nano-structured or nano-technological products applied to conservation and restoration.


  • FUNDS RESEARCH – RESEARCH also engages through the experience and the network of the Venetian Cluster in the research and finding of funds with the main goal to realize projects, analyses and to develop new products.



Joining the RESEARCH network means being able to use national and international public and private contacts, to structure projects, find funds and carry out activities.

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