The mission of Sergio Calò in China, in the city of Changsha, was concluded last week: the last step was to verify the sustainability and the economic conditions for the establishment of the Italian enterprises within the project HBTOWN, the thematic park dedicated to the Made in Italy, two months after the opening on 29th September.

HBTown isThe project is dedicated to the Italian excellences, with 36 buildings with the style of the cities of Venice and Assisi, and it has the objective of establishing Italian companies and promoting our exports: design and furniture, food and beverage, arts and crafts sector, tailoring, etc.

Venetian Cluster has collaborated for the technical supervision of the architectural and aesthetic details and cooperates with local partners to establish there Italian enterprises, supporting their preparation and settlement within the commercial area.



Since some years, Venetian Cluster works in the international framework to promote the Italian competences, products and technologies about the cultural and environmental heritage.

Indeed, during his last mission on 21st and 22nd September during the Workshop “Safeguard Of The Cultural Heritage And Construction And Management Of Museums”, in occasion of the XVII Western China International Fair in the city of Chengdu, China, the Director of the Cluster Sergio Calò has presented the technologies and innovative products of the Italian enterprises for the monitoring, conservation, restoration and valorisation of the historical and cultural heritage.
Since more than ten years, Venetian Cluster works in China for the promotion of Italian products and innovative competencies in the field of cultural heritage, and it has built commercial relationships with the Chinese enterprises in different cities and provinces. Moreover, Venetian Cluster has relationships with the Chinese local and national institutions, such as the Academy of Sciences of Pechino, the Museum of Nanchino, the Museum of Shanghai, Capital Museum, Provincial Bureau  of Hunan, Accademy of Dazu Rock Carving, the Museum of Chengdu, Museum of Xi’An, and others.



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