Background on the issuing organization


Venetian Cluster is the only productive cluster of cultural and environmental heritage in Italy.
Its main target is to realize national and international projects about innovation, technological transfer, internationalisation and training for the public and private supply chain of the sector of cultural and environmental heritage.

Venetian Cluster coordinates and supports multidisciplinary public-private partnerships (PPP), enterprises, professionals, associations, public and private bodies, research institutes and all subjects interested in carrying out and promoting innovation projects, technological transfer and actions for the development of the Italian and international productive supply chain for the conservation, the restoration and the valorisation of the Cultural and Environmental Heritage in Italy and abroad.


The RUINS Project


Venetian Cluster is partner of the project “SUSTAINABLE REUSE, PRESERVATION AND MODERN MANAGEMENT OF HISTORICAL RUINS IN CENTRAL EUROPE”, acronym RUINS, financed by the Interreg Central Europe Programme 2014-2020, Programme Priority 3. Cooperating on natural and cultural resources for sustainable growth in CENTRAL EUROPE. Programme specific objective: 3.2 To improve capacities for the sustainable use of cultural heritage and resources, CUP n. H78I17000040004.

Project objective is to give a “second life” to medieval ruins through modern management and attributing contemporary, socially useful functions, while preserving historical value of these sites. Project aims to develop and disseminate transnational guidelines and integrated model of contemporary use, modern management and protection of medieval ruins in Central Europe in order to enable elaboration of comprehensive management plans for ruined historical sites. Elaborated comprehensive management plans will help owners and managers of historical ruins, local, regional and public authorities exploit economic potential of this heritage in economic development of regions, and to preserve value of medieval ruins as cultural heritage.


Requested activities and expected results


Venetian Cluster foresees to involve an external expert consultant in the project activity 4.2 (Pilot testing of integrated model of protection, contemporary use and management of medieval ruins); the expert will support in the production of deliverable D.T4.2.9:

  1. T4.2.9 Pilot action report: the pilot testing of application of integrated model in elaboration of plan of management, use and preservation of ruined monastery of Villa Beatrice d’Este (Baone, Italy). The pilot action will include the realisation of an application for smartphones with two different focuses: the cultural and historical path on the ruined monastery on one side and the environmental heritage of the park (i.e. how the plants were used in the monastery, general information) on the other side. The APP will be an interactive tool to discover more historical, cultural and general information about the ruins of Villa Beatrice d’Este (Baone, Italy) will be in Italian and English languages.

The activity shall be concluded by March 2020.


The candidate enterprise should preferably have the following experiences and knowledge, that should be evident through the developed activities:

  • working experience in valorisation and promotion of Environmental Heritage;
  • experience in the development of ICT technologies;
  • competencies in the valorisation of information focused on Cultural Heritage;
  • other experiences in the field of Cultural and Environmental Heritage will be an asset.


Venetian Cluster will collect from interested enterprises the CV and/or activity report and the economic proposal (offer about the value of the service, in Euro), to be sent via email to the address, by the 17th January 2020.


Request for offer_RUINS_Venetian Cluster


Any further information can be asked to Venetian Cluster at or calling the telephone number +39 04451850321.

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