At the end of the RUINS project: activities and results

At the end of the RUINS project: activities and results

Activities and enhancement of the European medieval heritage: some ideas from the RUINS project

The closing of the RUINS project has seen several activities.

First, the realization of a management plan for the valorization of the medieval ruins located in the site of Villa Beatrice d’Este in Baone (PD). In the site there are some remains of a monastery of the X-XI century.

Second, the study of a special App to guide the visitor to the knowledge of the medieval parts of the site and the vegetation present (also considering the values of the plants illustrated for the monks, such as spiritual symbols, medicines, food, etc.).

Finally, the organization of a picnic of medieval setting, with the presence of a camp with notary, apothecary and armigers, serving the lunch with medieval food based on recipes of the time and musicians to cheer the meal with ancient sounds.



Armigiers – RUINS project

Apothecaries – RUINS project

Medieval feast – RUINS project

Medieval feast – RUINS project


In general, the RUINS project, in over 3 years of activity, has produced knowledge (conferences, meetings, pilot actions) and various materials (guidelines, technical manuals, recommendations for the conservation and enhancement of the ruins).


An excellent start and a step forward to make medieval ruins more visible and sustainable throughout Europe.

The sites contain historical, cultural and identity values of neighboring communities that can enrich those same communities, as well as the whole European cultural (and tourist) landscape, if well used and managed.

To see all photos of the historical picnic click here





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